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I am a 30 year old with an amazing family, love my kids and lots of love between me and my hubby and our girlfriend! I am not okay with slut shaming, I am body positive, I do post what I want. I am heavily into body modification, I am pansexual as well as polyamorous. I have a unique view on things and tend to be kind of "fangirl" on a lot of my favorite things and people. This blog has no typical stream, it's whatever I see that strikes me or calls out to me. This blog does post explicit things NSFW!!!!! This blog is my space to be me, post what I like, what tickles my fancy, I'm a gamer, a geek, a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, and a sexual being...so it's hard telling what you might find.

9th July 2012

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Lost in orbit.: Please remember: We will not help you find a specific good tattoo studio. →




Finding one yourself is super easy.

You can however find out how to do so HERE and HERE.

We will almost definitely not live near you, so we won’t know of any good tattoo studios in your area unless they are very…

Oh how helpful, poke fun but refuse to assist -.-

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    Oh how helpful, poke fun but refuse to assist -.-
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    ^^ Can help out as well. AM sucks.
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    Agreed^ If you’re in my state I’ll definitely assist you, if you’re not, then I’ll help find someone who would know more...
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    *shames you for not having perfect tattoos, makes posts about how they certainly will not help you find a place to get...
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